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About Us

"Blue Chip Technologies" is a leading monopoly technical organization in Chennai exclusively for project training, working with the sole mission of bringing the corporate and education worlds together. BCT is promoted by Iwiz Technologies (p) Ltd, which has been emerged as a reputed software consultant in last decade. So far Iwiz technologies provide software solutions for wide range of industries from retail to top-notch technologies. Moreover we are one of the major technology and management-training providers with more than 3,00,000 trained candidates in various streams through our technology-training arm, T-Jun. Furthermore, through our Iwiz Jobs Consultant, we resource lakhs of candidates to wide range of industries.

Why we are here...

Unapplied knowledge is as like as undigested food. Most of the academics provide enough knowledge. But nowadays-major industrial requirement is application of knowledge rather than mere knowledge. So we are here to create a professional mind in college life to bring the corporate and educational worlds together through project training. For that reason, we facilitate real time working environment with cutting edge tools and eminent trainers.

Our Mission:

We add values to our clients by doing things exactly rather than differently.

  • In the recent academic years, we have done more than 2500 projects
  • So far we have completed more than 15000 projects for Engineering students
  • Released a CD named "Electropedia" with complete reference to electronics for Electronic Engineering students
  • Had conducted seminars on the recent trends of technology in various colleges
  • Our research projects had participated in various National and International Conferences
  • Most of our projects were identified by the industries as suitable for their needs
  • Over ten projects were focused by media and awarded by various industrial & Government bodies
  • Our n-number of students got research scholarships to extend our assisted projects for further development